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Services You Can Disable
Faster DOS Printing
Cleaning the Prefetch Directory
Increasing the Folder Cache
Increasing Graphics Performance
Disabling Balloon Tips
Speeding Up the Display of Start Menu Items
Increasing System Performance

Networking / Internet

Opening Ports or Adding Allowed Programs with SP2’s Firewall
Repairing Damaged Winsock2
Guest Only Network Access
Not Displaying Previous Network Share Shortcuts
Hiding a XP Computer from Network Neighborhood
Easy Way to Share Multiple Folders
Running Network Diagnostics
Network Access After Norton Anti-Virus Install
Adding TCP/IP Printers
Installing Java Virtual Machine
Disable Shared Documents
Fix Browsing Delay to Win98/ME Computers
Using the Internet Explorer Classic Search
Allowing Network Access with Blank Passwords
Reinstalling the TCP/IP Protocol
Remembering Outlook / Outlook Express Password
Turning Off the Firewall
Installing the NetBEUI Protocol
Setting System Time Over the Internet
Configuring the Firewall
Changing the Internet Explorer Title


Autoexec.nt or Config.nt Errors
Windows Explorer Opens Search Companion Rather than the Folder
Running SFC without a CD ROM
Fixing Cryptographic Services Error
Fixing Explorer Searching Rather Than Opening Directories
Repair Install
Missing or Corrupt NTOSKRNL
Missing or Corrupt HAL.DLL
Corrupted or Missing \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG
ReInstalling WindowsXP


Configure for Auto-Logon
Not Displaying Logon, Logoff, Startup and Shutdown Status Messages
Bringing Up the Shutdown Dialog Box
Hiding the Last User Logged On
Poweroff at Shutdown
Adding SafeBoot to the Boot Menu
Speeding the Startup of Some CD Burner Programs
No GUI Boot
Getting Rid of Unread Email Messages
Re-Installing User Login Pictures
Decreasing Boot Time
Hide/Unhide Logon Names
Original NT Style Logon Screen
Creating a Shutdown/Reboot Icon

Desktop / Toolbar / Explorer

Not Viewing Zip Files as Folders
Restoring Desktop Icon to the Quicklaunch Bar
Remembering Folder Settings
Disable Explorer Thumbnail View
Saving Desktop Settings
Hiding the Windows Version on the Desktop
Controlling the Desktop Cleanup Wizard
Using the Classic Search in Explorer
Search Companion Error
Opening a Command Prompt to a Particular Directory from Explorer
Selecting What Details to Display in the Explorer
Changing the Default Search Settings
Opening an Explorer Window to the Directory You Want
Displaying the QuickLaunch Toolbar
Displaying and Configuring the Classic Start Menu


Common Control Panel Applets
System32 Folder Opens When Logging On
Setting Capslock, Numlock, Scroll Lock
DOS Tips in XP
Stopping the Messenger Service
Accessing Non-Listed Display Configurations
Stop Password Expiration
Preventing Applications from Stealing the Focus
Adding Environment Variables
Disable Passport Pop-Up
Show Hidden Devices
Spell Check Not Working With Outlook Express and Office97
Disable the Remote Desktop Sharing (RDS) icon’s menu
Prevent the Remote Desktop Sharing (RDS) icon from appearing in the notification tray
Printing a Directory
Removing Thumbs.db Files
Enable / Disable the Task Manager
Using Media Player 6.4
Clearing the Page File on Shutdown
Restoring Access to CD ROMs
Setting the Dir Command to Display Filenames on the Left
Dell Computer Not Keeping Correct Time
Formatting a Partition Greater than 32 GIG with FAT32
Logging in as Administrator
Correcting Fast User Switching Error
No To All When Overwriting Files
Installing the Backup Program on the Home Version
Changing Drive Letters
Turn off the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer as the Default Image Viewer
Changing the Default DOS Window Properties
Changing the Registered Owner
Adding Time Servers
Creating a Boot Floppy
Changing the Login Screen Saver
Running NetMeeting
Set the Online Registration as Being Completed
Re-Enabling System Restore
Renaming the Start Button
Rollback a Device Driver
Closing Multiple Taskbar Items
Grouping Similar Taskbar Buttons
Turning Off the Guest Account
Turning Off the Built-In CD Burner
Hiding System Tray Icons
Faster Task Switching
WindowsXP Command Line Utilities
Disabling Error Reporting
Adding a Title for the Command Prompt Title Bar

Creating an Automated Install of WindowsXP
Command Line Help Reference
Using the System File Checker
Creating a Password Recovery Disk
Disabling Hibernation
Locking the Workstation
Changing the Picture Displayed for a User
Removing the MSN Messenger
Common Command Console Utilities
Automatically Ending Non-Responsive Tasks
Changing Visual Effects
Changing System Restore Settings
Changing Programs That Start Automatically
Adding / Removing Additional Programs
Increasing File System Caching
Enabling NumLock on by Default


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